Meet Suzi
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The year 2020 has been an awakening for millions around the world. The toll that the pandemic has not discriminated. So, So many have lost the most important people, jobs, homes and the list goes on. Through darkness there is also many things that have been positive and life changing as well.

Suzi Stout began her retail career as a small boutique owner, as the business grew the marriage fell apart. She packed up her small children and decided that education was the only way out. Struggled through college and receive a degree in Food Service and Hospitality.

During the next decade working with youth, families, and the community to build positive relationships and independent living skills was there she fell in love with teaching.

Advancement to the next level in her career required a Bachelor’s degree. Pulling up her bootstraps with her children still small and working a full time, acquired the additional diploma.

Everything has a season, she moved on to work in a broader community, The world came to halt with the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Her grant funded position had ended, like millions who were out of work would be forced to develop new skills to support their families, When one door closes a window will open. 


Suzi, decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for her to follow her own passions to begin an online brand for those that would benefit from positivity, learning a new skill and improving the quality of life to her customers.


This is in hopes that in the future would fuel the funds to create a new community program teaching independent living skill to at risk youth.  

Beyond Little Things mission was born to empower others, embrace diversity with inclusion, Promoting self development while to be of service to others. teaching this message across the country-even the world.


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